Tips To Improve The Signal Of Your Entertainment Box

It is very frustrating when you sit down to watch your favorite program and realize that there is a poor signal. As a result, the picture quality may be fuzzy or you may face lost signal on a frequent basis. If such is your scenario, it’s time to upgrade your aerial. People often feel that if a product which has the tag “aerial” will fulfill your requirement. Well, this is not the case always as the analog signals have been segregated into 2 frequency bands, UHD and VHF channels. VHF means very high frequency and UHF stands for ultra high frequency. The majority of the cases related to the poor signal are due to problems with regards to frequency compatibility and the broadcast site. So, it’s time to upgrade your aerial.

Upgrading your aerial

The aerial should be able to receive digital signals at an adequate strength failing which the problems crop up. In specific areas, you may need to upgrade your wideband aerial to get terrestrial frequencies. There are certain areas with digital multiplexes and an entertainment box with an older version provides signals only for narrower frequencies which may lead to poor TV reception.

Pre amplifier installation

When the signal is being supplied with several products with a common wire, it’s time to consider signal splitter. The only problem with this is the signal gets divided leading to poor quality. In order to resolve this issue, a pre-amplifier may be the best option. It largely works to boost the signal. If it doesn’t help, a distribution amplifier may be required through the aerial side of the splitter. There are many antenna installation Sunshine Coast professionals to help you fix a pre-amplifier.

Check the wiring

Poor signal is most often the outcome of loose cables. Therefore, it’s crucial to get your wiring checked before you take any other step. You can check if the coaxial plugs are placed properly into the television and peripherals. Also, check if the socket faceplate is secure. If it’s a newly built property, this is a very common issue you may face.

Consider a signal booster

This should be the last option as they may worsen the signal. If you stay in a location which has poor signal, buy a screened masthead amplifier as an unscreened ones lead to more issues. You may have the best of equipment and the best setup of the system, but if you don’t have good suppliers, then these things really don’t matter. In such situations, you should consider a new supplier who offers the best services. These are some of the steps to take to improve the signal.